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mark edward mearin

Mark Mearin

Mar 20, 2002

Boonton man learns 911 is wrong number for prank calls

BOONTON - A 32 year-old Boonton man learned if one has a desire to make prank phone calls, picking police headquarters as your target may not be a great idea.

According to police, Mark Mearin, 32, of Boonton was arrested and charged with one count of causing false public alarm after he made a phone call to 9-1-1 he said was a joke.

The 911 lines are equipped with technology which lets police dispatchers know the origin of the call in case the person is unexpectedly disconnected in the middle of an emergency.

Mearin allegedly dialed the emergency number at 11:24 p.m. on Saturday, March 9, and "reported" he was having problems with a group of Muslims. He said he was going down to the mosque to "kick their (backsides)."

Officers went to the house from where Mearin had phoned and, according to the report, he opened the door, saw police and then quickly shut it again. Still, he was arrested after police investigated and ascertained Mearin, who appeared intoxicated, according to the police report, was playing a practical joke.

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